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Rolex Precision. Full service including new mainspring.

Updated: May 2, 2023

This vintage Rolex was serviced by Alan at The Menders, Whittlesey. Near Peterborough.

The Rolex Precision was a series of dress watches produced by Rolex in the 1950s. They were characterized by their classic, elegant designs and precise movements.

During this era, Rolex was focused on producing watches that were both aesthetically pleasing and extremely accurate, and the Precision line was no exception. These watches featured manual-wind movements and came in a variety of sizes and styles, including rectangular and round cases with leather or metal straps.

One notable model from this period is the Rolex Precision Ref. 9659, which was released in the mid-1950s. This watch featured a 34mm stainless steel case, a silver dial with applied Arabic numerals, and a manual-wind movement with a power reserve of approximately 44 hours.

Today, vintage Rolex Precision watches from the 1950s are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. They are considered to be excellent examples of mid-century Swiss watchmaking and continue to be cherished for their timeless designs and exceptional accuracy.

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