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Hamilton military watch - Full service and a new glass.

This Hamilton military watch brought in for a full service. I also replaced the glass as part of the work, just to freshen it up a bit. And I must say, it pops!

Hamilton military watches have a storied history dating back to World War I. During WWI, Hamilton supplied the U.S. Armed Forces with pocket watches designed for military use. These timepieces were prized for their accuracy and reliability.

In World War II, Hamilton continued its legacy by producing various military watches for the U.S. military, including the iconic "Hamilton Khaki Field Watch." These watches were crucial tools for soldiers, featuring durable cases, luminous dials, and accurate movements.

Hamilton's military watch production continued through the Korean War and the Vietnam War, with the company adapting its designs to meet the evolving needs of the military.

In recent decades, Hamilton has maintained its reputation for crafting durable and stylish military-inspired watches, appealing to both military personnel and civilian enthusiasts. Their designs often pay homage to the brand's historic military contributions, making them popular choices for collectors and watch enthusiasts.

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