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Thomas Russel Pocket Watch

Updated: May 9, 2021

This vintage pocket watch was bought in by a customer in Whittlesey, near Peterborough.

Inittially the watch had a broken pinion. This was on a wheel, and was approximately .30mm. Unfortuantely I got so wrapped up in this job I forgot to take photos.

There were also a few holes that had worn that needed closing. Vintage pocket watches normally have a few isuues due to age and wear. Sometimes it is interesting to spot other work repairers have done over the years. One such repair was a slightly bashed hole. I'm not sure how the watch previously ran, as it was very mishapen. The gear was not running correctly as it was too close to the next gear. So I corrected this by moving the hole back and making a small bearing.

This bearing is 1.70mm wide, by .60mm wide with a .30mm hole in the middle. Then friction fit into the hole.

Now, the watch is running absolutely great. Not bad for an old one.

Some parts fresh from the cleaner.

A piece of brass turned down to fit in the hole. The widest point of the brass is 4mm.

Finding the center.

Depthing the gears.

Perfent push fit!!!

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