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Waltham Pocket Watch

Updated: May 9, 2021

On the bench recently is this Waltham pocket watch from Yaxley, near Peterborough.

Quite an interesting little project. On inspection the balance staff was chipped, so was somewhat shorter than original. To solve this, I redressed the pivot, and adjusted the hight of the balance cock, which was also slightly out of shape.

A small shim was made to lift one end of the balance cock. This was filed to the shape of the movement. This makes the other side lower so the staff is now the correct length.

The chipped staff also broke a jewel. This needed to be replaced so the balance wheel can run smoothly.

After a good clean, the rest of the movement was in good order, and the watch is now working very well!

Ready for inspection

Choosing a jewel.

1 - the gap 2 - fillng the gap 3 - sawing the metal

Filing the metal to size

Still a bit sticking out. Back to the file!

Much better. A final trim and it will be perfect.

Assembled. This Waltham has a full plate.

Looking and working fine!

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