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Repivoting and Jewel Setting.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

This little project is always as fun as it is stressful. The platform on this Elliot London clock had been damaged. It needed a new pivot making on the escape wheel, and a new exit pallet fitted on the pallet fork.

Drilling the hole The hole needs to be dead center, and the right depth. This drill is 0.30mm in thickness. But I managed it!

The photo on the left shows the new hole. Right picture is the whole piece mounted in my lathe.

This is then reversed and pressed onto a new pivot. Then turned down so it formed a nice friction fit. No glue here!

New (almost) finished pivot. It needs to fit the jewel bearing. And it needs to be pretty accurate. This one was around 0.22mm.

When polishing the pivot I formed a slight rounded edge so the piece didn't sit flat on jewel. This caused it to be a but tight so I popped the bearing down a smidge with my stake.

The pallet fork on the left is missing the jewel. The one on the right has the correct sized part. So I swapped them over.

With a bit of heat and shellac, the new pallet is fitted. There is glue here... kind of.

The placement of the jewel is critical. Too deep and the escapement won't progress. Too shallow and it'll spin. After a bit of heating and wiggling, I got it just right.

After cleaning all the parts I was working on, reassembled and oiled. The clock is working very well.

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