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Omega Constellation Chronometer.

On the bench recently was this Omega Constellation from Whittlesey, near Peterborough.

Omega are always a joy to work on, and this was no exception. It came in for a full service.

This watch highlights the need for a service. A watch may run fine, however, you rarely see what is happening on the inside. This particular watch showed signs of wear. Small particles from the automatic mechanism entered the grease and then was spread throught the watch. This is enough to cause the watch to stop and behave erratically.

A certain degree of pre cleaning and a double dip in the cleaning machine was in order. We don't want these particles kept in the movement!

After all that was done it was a matter of course to reassemble, give it an oil. And set it on its way again.

The watch. Post service.

Hands dial and movement.

Some detritis in the automatic mechanism. The black specs can work its way into the rest of the movement.

Looking much better.


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