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9 carat Garrard mechanical presentation watch - Split Bezel Repair

This 9carat gold Garrard was presented to me for a repair on the bezel. As you can see there is a split in the bottom, near 6 o'clock.

This can be slightly tricky as the bezel was also slightly bent out of shape. So after a bit of jigery pokerery I managed to successfully solder it back together. There still appears to be a line, but the join is solid. I didn't want a blob of solder showing on the front as finishing it may have affected the appearance. A nice little job.

Garrard is a renowned British company with a long history in the world of luxury watchmaking. The company was founded in 1735 by George Wickes and specialized in creating exquisite silverware and jewelry. In the 19th century, Garrard gained recognition as the official Crown Jeweller, serving British monarchs with exceptional craftsmanship.

Garrard expanded into the watchmaking industry during the 20th century. Their timepieces were known for their precision and quality. Notable milestones in Garrard's watchmaking history include producing watches for military use during World War I and II.

Garrard continued to create distinctive and elegant timepieces, often incorporating intricate designs and precious materials. Their reputation for excellence in watchmaking was solidified over the years, making Garrard watches highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs of luxury watches.

While the brand's watchmaking legacy is not as well-known as some other Swiss or European counterparts, Garrard remains a symbol of British craftsmanship and luxury.

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