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Vintage Omega Seamaster - Military Watch - Glass Refurbishment

This lovely vintage Omega Seamaster was presented for a glass refurbishment. This is the original crystal (it has a small Omega symbol in the middle) and is made of plexiglass, a type of plastic.

This type of glass can scratch very easily, and to keep it original, scratches can be polished out. Leaving a crisp looking important vintage timepiece.

The Omega Seamaster military watches have a rich history dating back to the mid-20th century. They were initially developed for military use and have since become iconic timepieces. Here's a brief overview:World War II: Omega supplied watches to various armed forces during WWII, including the British Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. The watches were highly regarded for their accuracy and durability.CK2129: One of the most famous early Omega military watches was the CK2129, which was issued to British paratroopers. It featured a distinctive broad-arrow symbol on the dial and was known for its robustness in combat conditions.Post-War Era: After WWII, Omega continued to supply military watches to various countries, including the British and American armed forces. These watches were often designed to meet specific military requirements and were prized for their reliability.Seamaster Line: In 1948, Omega introduced the Seamaster line, which included military-inspired models. These watches were water-resistant and designed for both military and civilian use, making them versatile timepieces.Iconic Designs: Over the years, the Omega Seamaster military watches evolved in design, incorporating elements like the famous "lollipop" seconds hand and the use of tritium for luminescence.Modern Era: In recent decades, the Seamaster has evolved into a luxury diver's watch, gaining fame as James Bond's choice of timepiece. The Seamaster Professional 300m and later models have become iconic in their own right.While the Seamaster is now more associated with diving and luxury, its military roots continue to influence its design and durability. These watches remain highly collectible for their historical significance and quality craftsmanship.

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