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Rolex Datejust Balance Staff Replacement.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

On the bench recently was Rolex from Peterborough.

The customer dropped their watch which resulted in a broken balance staff. This part is crucial and forms part of the beating heart of the watch. This work is quite specialised. It has to be absolutely perfect from start to finish. Very rewarding indeed!

First up is disassembling the balance staff, removing the staff hairspring and roller.

The balance complete deconstructed.

Pop another staff in, reattach the roller and the hairspring.

And hey presto. Back in one piece.

Today I've mostly been listening to the Alexei Sayle podcast

Replacing the balance staff on a Rolex Datejust is a delicate process that requires specialized tools and experience working with precision instruments. It is recommended that you bring your watch to a certified Rolex service center or a reputable watchmaker with experience working on Rolex watches.

The balance staff is a critical component of the watch's movement that controls the oscillation of the balance wheel, which regulates the accuracy of the timekeeping. If the balance staff is damaged or worn, it can affect the watch's accuracy or cause it to stop working altogether.

To replace the balance staff, the watchmaker will need to disassemble the movement, remove the old balance staff, and install a new one. They will also need to adjust the balance wheel's position to ensure proper operation and regulate the watch's accuracy.

Again, it's crucial to entrust this task to a professional with the necessary skills and experience to handle such delicate work, especially on high-end watches like a Rolex. Trying to replace the balance staff yourself or taking it to an inexperienced watchmaker can lead to further damage or irreparable harm to the watch.

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