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Rolex Datejust 3135 Service

This Rolex Datejust from Peterborough was on the bench toaday. In need a good old service.

One of the friends and greatest enemies of a watch is oil and grease. It needs these to run yet the oil and grease can solidify, gunge up, or even spread around the watch.

This is why a watch should be fully stripped down to the last screw for a thorough inspection. After this the parts are run through specialist cleaning fluids. Without a regular service parts can wear affecting the timekeeping.

This Rolex has now been serviced cleaned and oiled, and is being tested over a few days for accuracy before the automatic device is reattached. I'll even give the case and bracelet a complimetary clean up!

Running well.

The bare bone of the watch. Nice and clean.

Some visible jewells. These need oiling too.

The ebauce.

This is part of the automtic mecahnism. Visible gunge and general wear.

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