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Making a retaining power spring for an antique clock: part one.

This is a slightly unusual job, however these parts can get weak and break.

It's basically a very strong spring in an L shape, attached to the main driving cog of a clock.

It's the little piece at the top with two screws through it. Blue/black in colour. This is the bit that's left behind, there should be a little tail that fits in the groove directly below the second screw.

So firstly, getting a piece of metal. I could only find steel rod as I didn't have any suitable pieces in stock.

I ground down the side to a rough shape.

I've placed the broken piece on top. Taking shape!

Then, by what can only be described as a trade secret, I managed to imprint the holes needed exactly* where I wanted them...

*not quite exactly as the piece moved slightly. But for the purpose of this project, it'll be fine.

After much more grinding I formed the basic shape. Oh, that was after I drilled the holes. As you can see at the top.

There's a bit more to do. I'm very happy so far. It just needs a few more finishing touches. For example:

Parting off

Shaping to size

A tricky counter sink

Hardening and tempering

All being well, in part two.

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