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Garrard Presentation Clock.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

This lovely little clock was brought in from near Peterborough.

This a Garrard with an English Eliiot movement. And like all Elliot clocks its an absolute joy to work on.

I recently posted about the platform service, an important part of the clock.

As you can see it turned out very nice. Full service and case restoration.



Today I've mostly been listening to The Shins in the workshop.

The Garrard Presentation Clock is a high-end mechanical clock that was manufactured by the British company Garrard & Co. The clock features a precision movement and an ornate, decorative case that was often customized to suit the needs of the buyer.

The Garrard Presentation Clock was popular as a gift for special occasions, such as retirements or milestone anniversaries. It was also a favorite among corporate clients, who would often commission custom designs that incorporated their logos or other branding elements.

The clock's movement is powered by a mainspring and regulated by a balance wheel. It typically features a small second hand and a Roman numeral dial. Some models may also include additional complications, such as a moon phase indicator or a calendar function.

Garrard & Co. is known for its expertise in luxury timepieces, jewelry, and silverware. The company was established in 1735 and has served as a supplier to the British Royal Family since the reign of King George III. Today, Garrard & Co. is owned by Hong Kong-based company Wing On Wo & Co.

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