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18ct Gold Maurice Lacroix. Full service.

This rather nice Maurice Lacroix was bought in for a full service. It is part of the Masterpiece collection.

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Maurice Lacroix is a luxury Swiss watch brand that produces high-end timepieces, including the Masterpiece collection. The Masterpiece collection features intricate designs and complex mechanisms, often crafted with high-end materials such as 18ct gold.

An 18ct gold Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece watch would likely be a stunning piece, both in terms of its appearance and its functionality. The watch would be made of 18ct gold, a high-quality and valuable material that is often used in luxury watches. The 18ct gold would give the watch a beautiful, warm color and a substantial weight.

In addition to its gold construction, the Masterpiece collection often features intricate complications such as moon phases, chronographs, and tourbillons. These complications add to the watch's functionality and make it a true work of art.

Overall, an 18ct gold Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece watch would be a highly sought-after luxury timepiece that would make a statement on any wrist.

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